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Where buy Sintra pvc foam boards better?

Sintra pvc foam board, one of the pvc foam sheet, it is different from rigid pvc foam board and free pvc foam board, the surface of sintra pvc foam board is very hard and strong, it can 100% instead of wood board, but 100% better than wood board, because it is not only water-proof, but also fire-retardent. Boden sintra pvc foam sheet is lead-free, non-toxic, 100% ROHS verified.
Boden sintra pvc foam board is very widely used in bathroom cabintes, kitchen cabinets, wardroob, home and office decoration. It can be painted, can join together by pvc glue, can be shaped, moulded, painted and screen printed.
The main size of boden sintra pvc foam board is 1220 x 2440mm, tickness from 1-38mm, density from 0.5-0.98g/cm3, if you need special size, please contact us and give us the detail size, we can custom all size for you; the main color of boden sintra pvc foam board is white, of course, you can paint it to any color you want.
Sintra pvc foam board can 100% instead of wood, because it has all the features that wood has, but it also has the features that wood does not have too as water-proof, fire-retardent, weather-proof. The life of sintra pvc foam board is 20 times longer than wood.
All our sintra pvc foam board are wholesale price on sell, if you are interesting in our sintra pvc foam board, please feel free to contact us: service@epvcmaker.com