Boden pvc foam board manufacturer

Wholesale PVC Board, More Quantity, More Cheaper Price On Sell.

Custom all density from 0.3-0.95/cm3, tickness 1-38mm, max width 1220mm, unlimited length pvc foam sheets, free pvc foam board, rigid pvc foam sheets, 100% Rohs verified.

    Wholesale PVC Board, More Quantity, More Cheaper Price On Sell.

    Now, more and more people come to China to buy Building Materials as Pvc board, pvc sheet, flywood, glass, furniture and so on, it is because these materials from China is more Cheaper than other country.


    BoDen wholesale pvd board, more quantity you buy, more cheaper price you will get from us. our target is : business is not everything, but kindly business can make both of us more close, we are from the same world, so we are the same family, we are friends.

    At this time, money is not very important, but friendship it more important, we sell quality pvc board with wholesale price for you, you save money, and we build a good friendship with you, what else can better than this?

    Boden produce lead-free, non-taxic pvc boards, all the pvc boards are green procucts, you can take it easy to work with us, and all of our pvc boards can passed your testing.

    Our pvc board are widely used in Furniture, homesets, printing, Cutting, Ceiling. If you dont know what is the thickness and how strong of the pvc board you are going to use, please email us to: , we will have a good suggestion for you.

PVC Foam Board Series
High-end Quality
WaterProof, FireProof
Lead-free, Non-toxic.

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