White/Black/Gray Pvc Foam Boards

Why Choose PVC Foam Board For Furniture?

Why Choose PVC Foam Board For Furniture?

PVC Full Name is :Polyvinyl chloride resin.

pvc board has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, high hardness, high strength, anti-ultraviolet (anti-aging), fire retardant (self-extinguishing), insulation performance, reliable, surface is smooth, non-absorbent deformation, easy processing characteristics.

Follow some example first:



PVC Foam Board Furniture is not like other plywood furniture, when water meets it, it will never split, and it is very easy to clean, very smooth face, this make the furniture feels very fashion, PVC Foam Board is very easy to cut to any shape, so you can design more shape furniture, this is why people choose pvc foam board for furniture.


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