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China PVC Foam Board, How To Buy The Best Quality PVC Foam Board In China.

China PVC Foam Board, How To Buy The Best Quality PVC Foam Board In China.

Almost 90% of the PVC foam boards are from China, as China is a developing country, so so many raw materials are made in China, raw materials needs a big cost, and chinese labor force is very cheap, this made China owns 90% of the worlds raw materials production.

PVC Foam board, also known as foam core or foam core, is a backing material widely used in framing art.It is made of a type of Styrofoam covered on both sides with paper or plastic so that the foam is the core of the sandwich. Foam board is usually white, although some manufacturers also offer black foam board. It is 1/8 or 3/16 of an inch (.3-.5 centimeters) thick.


PVC foam board / sheet is widely used in furniture, cabinet, home windows, printing, advertising poster, decoration industry, and the latest Pvc board lights. Why Pvc Foam board can widely used in these areas? Because China made Pvc Foam Boards has these good features:
1. Waterproofing - Water cannot come into the Pvc foam board.
2. Fire retardant and self-extinguishing - Pvc foam board cannot be burned.
3. Heat preservation - Pvc foam board can keep good air temperature.
4. Sound-insulated - Pvc foam board is very good in sound-insulated.
5. Insulation - Pvc foam board cannot conductive.
6. Non-corrosion.
7. Tough, rigid with the high impact strength.
8. Stable color retention.
9. Dampproof.
10. Anti - deformed.

But we know so many Pvc foam board / sheet factory in China, do their all products are in these good features? The answer is: not.

So many pvc foam board from china are not lead-free, if pvc foam board used in home sets, we need to choose lead-free pvc foam, because lead is harmful to our body. So when you are buying pvc foam board from China, you need to ask the factory first: Do your pvc foam board lead-free, it is very important, and the price is very different. But if you used the pvc foam board for outdoor printing, then I think lead pvc board is ok too, it can save your money.

Anyway, we need a green world and green life, so we suggest you buy lead-free pvc foam board, it is non-taxic to our body.

China BoDen Pvc foam board branch inc always welcome your coming and your inquiry. If you donot know which kinds of pvc foam board you are finding, please email us to: sales@epvcmaker.com, we will have the best suggestion for you.

Choose China BoDen Pvc foam board, choose a green life, choose the trust, the quality.


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