White/Black/Gray Pvc Foam Boards

Hard PVC Moulding

Hard PVC Moulding

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PVC Moulding Mostly used individually or in combination, should cover most interior or exterior trim application encountered.
BoDen PVC Mouldings add home decor accents to the interior and exterior of your home or commercial building. Use cellular vinyl moulding to add just the right hint of architectural style and form. BoDen Cellular PVC moulding is used to enhance the beauty and style of your home by emphasizing contrast and transition along your walls, doorframes, baseboards and much more. POTEN PVC Mouldings are available in the most popular styles, from crown moulding styles to scotia and it adds the perfect finish to Door Frame Systems, Garage Door Systems, and Planking Systems.
What is PVC Moulding Benefits?
Low Maintenance cleans easily with soap and water;
Lightweight and easy to install;
Not easy to scratch;
No Sanding Required before installation;
No Painting Required unless desired;
Termite and Insect Proof;
Will not Rot, Crack, Split or Warp;
Water Resistant;
Mold and Mildew Free;
100% recyclable;
Fire-retardant (self-extinguishing);