White/Black/Gray Pvc Foam Boards

Color PVC Free Foam Board

Color PVC Free Foam Board
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PVC free foam board is the new and green decorative material, it has the fine chemical stability, anti-corrosive and high intensity, it is widely used in the building, advertisement and decoration. PVC Free Foam Board is not only possess all the advantages of wood, but wood has generally do not have many features, can fully replace wood, imported plywood, Polaroid board, particleboard, MDF and other plates.
PVC Free Foam Board is a new type of environmentally friendly materials, is the wood, aluminum, composite board replacement, has the following characteristics:
1.It has a good sound insulation, heat insulation, heat and fire protection
2 with moisture, mold, non-absorbent performance, shock effect.
3.PVC Free Foam Board has the characteristics of wood, high hardness, stable performance, can be sawed, planed, nailed, glued and other processing.
4 imported pigments and additives, color long-term change, not aging, good toughness.
5.It can be used for hot forming, heat bending and folding, fire retardant, high insulation resistance.
6.PVC Free Foam Board smooth surface, can be used for screen printing, printing, chemical resistant.
Color PVC Free Foam Board Mostly used in
1. Advertising: Silk screen printing, UV flat printer, sculp, sign, display boards. Lamp box.
2. Building: Separator, indoor and outdoor decoration.
3. Furniture: Kitchen, toilte