White/Black/Gray Pvc Foam Boards

1-32mm Pvc Free Foam Board

1-32mm Pvc Free Foam Board
$1.05 / kg $1.35 / kg
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PVC Free foam Board is widely used for advertising, building and industry. It is lightweight, durable and versatile surfaces.
PVC free Foam board Features:
1. Strong & durable
2.100% recyclable, non-toxic
3. Rot-proof & mould proof, chemical resistant
4. Impervious to moisture, insects, salts
5. Fire-retardant, self-extinguishing
6. Weather resistance, colour and lustre is unchanged for a long time, not easy ageing
7. Sound insulation, heat insulation, noise absorption, heat preservation and corrosion preventing
8. non-warping and stain proof
9. Vandal proof, can be used for drilling, sawing, planing, nail, glue processing like wood with wood processing tool
10. tough & rigid with a high impact stregth
12. easy to clean and maintain pvc foam board
PVC free Foam board Application:
1. Advertisement: exhibition & display, digital printing, silk screen printing, engraving materials, sign board, etc
2. Furniture: office furniture, cabinet, bath cabinet, room segments, ect
3. Finishing Material: decorative sheet, storage racks, room segment, ect
4. Industrial: thermoforming products, refrigeratory warehouse project, environmental protection