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Where buy PVC Foam Boards better?

water-proof, fire-retardent, non-toxic pvc foam board has a very widely applications such as printing, carving, furniture and decoration.
There is two kinds of pvc foam board, one is free pvc foam board, one is rigid pvc foam board. Because free pvc foam board has a soft surface and body, so it is very good in printing, for poster, billboard. Rigid pvc foam board has a harder surface, stronger body, it is very good in doing furniture cabinets, home and office and outdoor decoration.
Boden pvc foam board is water-proof, fire-retardent and non-toxic, more and more people choose pvc foam board instead wood board, it is not only because of pvc foam board has the all feature of wood board, but also because of pvc board is water-proof, the life is 20 times longer than wood.
pvc foam board is easy to clean and maintain, can be cut, shaped and installed easily as wood, can be sawing, drilling, nailing, screwing, and glue bonding; The important is, pvc foam board is resistant to fire, water, insects, warping, cracking, chemical corrosion, non-toxic.
The regular size of pvc foam board is 1220 x 2440mm, but the tickness is very rich, from 1-38mm, it is very easy to find out the tickness you need, and also a rich density, from 0.3-0.98 g/cm3, how hard you need, you can choose different density, from soft to hard, this is what wood board without.
High density pvc foam board can be paint easy, the base color is white, but you can paint it to any color you want, with pvc foam board, do fashion and luxury furniture is an easy thing.
We offer all size lead-free, non-toxic pvc foam board, and we welcome your inquiry, our good quality and good price will make you happy, please contact: service@epvcmaker.com