White/Black/Gray Pvc Foam Boards

1/8" pvc foam board

1/8" pvc foam board
$1.05 / kg $1.35 / kg
Type: (what difference?)
Quantity: Sheets


Size:1220x2440mmother size can be customized.
Thickness: 1/8"(3mm) / available 1-25mm
Density: 0.45-0.95g/cm3
Color: White / Black / Gray
Certificates: SGS
Advantages:good plainess, excellent tenacity, smooth surface, non mechanical lines on the surface of pvc foam board.
Suitable temperature: -50~70
Thermoforming temperature: 70~120
Bending strength: 45.6mpa
1. Light weight, corrosion-resistant, strong and durable, weather-resistance, long life spand pvc foam board.
2. Soundproof, heat-insulated, waterproof pvc foam board.
3. Fireproof, self-extinguishing, won't cause fire, very safe pvc foam board.
4. Easy to process, nail, drill, chisel, rivet, stick.
5. Excellent effect in thermoforming, bending, folding, welding, also can stick with other pvc materials.
1. Advertising Signs, billboards, displays, exhibition stands
2. Screen printing, laser engraving
3. Thermoformed parts
4. Architecture, indoor and outdoor decoration
5. Furniture, kitchen & bathroom cabinet
6. Walls & partitions, wall cladding
7. Poolside furniture, swimming pool floor planking
8. Board for Chemical industry and laboratory equipment
9. Interior scaleboard for boat & ship, vehicle, train