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What you should know about pvc foam board

1.Advertisement industry, billboards, displays, exhibition stands. Screen printing, laser engraving .
2.Furniture: Office furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinet, sanitary wares, Closet, door, window and so on.
3.Architectural Decoration: Indoor and Outdoor Decorative Board, Noise Barriers Partition Board, Roof Insulating Board, Fire-retardant Kitchenware and bathroom Facilities, Commercial Decorative Shelf, Clean Room Damp Proof.
4.Transportation: upholstery for steamship, bus, train, ceiling, anti-vibration of container and moisture proof, insulation lining.
5.Other industry: moisture protection, corrosion protection, environment protection, environmental protection engineering. Cold project, Building Template, Sport Equipment, Breeding materials, Seashore damp-proof Installation, Waterproof materials, Art materials.

1.Moistureproof, waterproof, shock absorption and mothproof
2.Fire retardant and self-extinguishing, Heat preservation
3.Sound insulated
5.Perfect chemical corrosion resistance, good resistance to UV & weathering Non-toxic
7.Non-formaldehyde emission
8.Stable color retention
9.surface is very smooth, rigid and not easy to scratch. Uniform fine & close cell structure
10.same processing as timber, but processing performance is much better than wood
11.Light weight, easy and convenient to storage, transportation and use
12.It is machinable could be drilled, sawed, nailed, turned, glued, bended, printed, oiled, etc
13.Smooth surface and suitable for silkscreen printing, laser engraving (must clean the surface before printin

Q: Can I get samples?
A: yes, you can. We offer samples for free, what you need to do is tell us what the pvc foam board for, we will have a good solution for you, and you only need to pay for the shipping charge (about 35.00usd by DHL)
Q: Can you produce customized size?
Yes, we can. Customed size range width within 1506mm, length within 8m
Q: do your products have any certificate?
A: Yes, We have SGS, ROHS verified.
Q: What can I do if I don't sure the density?
A: Just tell us what is it for, we will have a perfection solution for you.
Q: Do you have any other colors?
A: Yes, we have white, gray, black color.
Q: What is your lead-time?
A: It is about 15 business days after we get your payment.

composition: 55-60%PVC resin, high-class, lead-free calcium zinc powder, mother color material for colorful board,preservative, flame retardant and so on.
properties: Average result
density: 0.35-0.8g/cm3
shore D hardness: 50-55
determination of water absorption: 0.19%
tensile strength at yield: 10Mpa
elongation at break: 16%
flexural modulus: 0.9Gpa
pulling strength: 12Mpa
bending strength: 20Mpa
compressive strength: 4Mpa
vicat softening temperature: 73-76℃
screw holding strength: >800N
heating dimensional variation ratio: +2%
fire resistance: Not burning dimensional stability: ±2%