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Boden pvc foam board manufacturer, offers quality fire retardent, waterproof, non-toxic pvc furniture and decoration foam sheets, wholesale price on sell.

Custom all density from 0.3-0.95/cm3, tickness 1-38mm, max width 1220mm, unlimited length pvc foam sheets, free pvc foam board, rigid pvc foam sheets, 100% Rohs verified.

Top 9 Of PVC Foam Boards - All the PVC foam boards are fire retardent, Waterproof, Non-toxic Guaranteed.
PVC Foam Boards Knowledge

(1).Wholesale PVC Board, More Quantity, More Cheaper Price On Sell. (2).China PVC Foam Board, How To Buy The Best Quality PVC Foam Board In China. (3).Why Choose PVC Foam Board For Furniture? (4).What is PVC Foam Board, PVC Board Raw Materials.

What PVC Foam Board For?

BoDen PVC Foam Boards Manufacturer always focus on Fireproof, Waterproof, Non-toxic pvc Foam Boards and sheets. pvc foam board is the polyvinyl chloride composite, made of polyvinyl chloride foam. Because of the hard and strong surface, the good water-proof and fire-retardent, it is very popular used in furniture and decoration. Because of the different techinque level, so different pvc sheets company makes different pvc sheets. Some pvc foam sheets looks very good, but in fact, after we tested it, we found the heavy metal is exceeded, it means this pvc board is unqualitied products, it is harmful to human health. Boden is one of the pvc foam sheets factory in China that produce lead-free, non-toxic pvc foam sheets.
Because of the good waterproof and fire retardent, pvc foam sheets have a large applications such as trim, fascia, decking, railing, fencing, siding, flooring, pipes, wire insulation, window frames, and roofing, among other aesthetically pleasing areas.

Depends one the foam feature, there is two kinds of pvc foam sheets, one is free pvc foam board, one is rigid pvc foam board, but both of pvc foam sheets are water-proof and fire-retardent. Free pvc foam sheets has a soft and smooth surface and soft body, it is a very good printing material, people always use it to do poster, billboard and carving. Rigid pvc foam sheets have a harder and smooth surface and stronger body than free pvc foam sheet, it has a more widely applications, not only in printing, carving, but also in furniture and decoration. Different applications take different pvc foam sheet, for example, for printing, poster and billboard, we suggest use 2-5mm tickness, and take the 0.35-0.4 density; for carving, we suggest use 8-18mm tickness, and take the 0.45-0.6 density; for furniture, we suggest 5-20mm tickness, 5mm for back deck, 15mm for cabinets body, 10mm for cabinets door, and take the 0.55-0.65 density. We must remember, bigger tickness and bigger density is harder and stronger surface and sheets body.

These PVC Foam Boards as the best building materials, as pvc foam board with corrosion, moisture, mildew, non-absorbent, drilling, sawing, planing, easy thermoforming, heat bending characteristics, these make PVC Board mostly used in advertising production and furniture production, buses, train cars ceiling, box core, interior panels, building wall panels, decorative panels, office, residential, public building, commercial decorative frame, no dust compartment panels, ceiling panels, screen printing, computer lettering, advertising label, display panels, signs with the board albums board industry and chemical corrosion engineering, thermoformed parts, refrigerator with panels, special cold project, environmental used formwork, sports equipment, farming materials, waterfront facilities, moisture, water-resistant materials, art materials and a variety of portable partitions instead of a glass ceiling, etc.

Our environmental protection pvc foam boards are all high density, hard surface, it is very easy secondary processing to a new product. It has a very widely applications in kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, poster, flooring, carving, partiton, printing, and even cars. In order to make our pvc boards in bigger application, we produce all size for you, tickness from 1-38 milimeter, max width 1,220.00 milimeter, unlimited length, density from 0.3 - 0.98 g/cm3. Buy pvc foam boards from us, you don't need to worry about the quality, all our pvc sheets are SGS Rohs, The Singapore Green Labelling Scheme Secretariat Hereby Grant verified. We have a rich stock, anytime you need it, we can ship it anytime too.

China is one of the world's largest raw country, all PVC foam board from us are quality guaranteed, we weclome your inquiry.

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BoDen PVC Foam Board Manufacturer Reviewer:John King,dtreviewed: High-end Quality PVC Board Top quality PVC Boards, Good customer service, Trust Factory . Tating4.5

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